Stump Grinding Service

Gumnuts Tree and Stump Removals have the right tools to quickly, efficiently and effectively remove your offending tree stumps.

Gumnuts Red Roo Hand Controlled stump grinder can accurately grind out tree stumps from front yards, parks, work places and even narrow access (900mm gate width) backyards. Because of our stump grinders minimal width Gumnuts Tree and Stump removals can access and remove tree stumps from pretty much anywhere.

For stump grinding and removing we offer this service to the South, East and Western Suburbs of Adelaide as well as the Adelaide Hills. We are very competitive with our stump removal pricing and we can usually give you a quote over the phone providing you can give us an accurate description of the stump to be removed, access to it and a good description of what is near to it.

For a Free Quote Contact Brad or Mia
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Phone: 0422 850 212